Coronavirus Update: Army Corps Of Engineers Coming To NY, Hospital Ship Being Dispatched To NYC

Coronavirus Update: Army Corps Of Engineers Coming To NY, Hospital Ship Being Dispatched To NYC

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that federal help to increase the number of hospital beds is coming to New York following a series conversations with President Donald Trump.

Cuomo said the Army Corps of Engineers is being sent to New York Wednesday afternoon to look at construction of hospitals and mobile hospital sites amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. The mobile hospitals have a capacity of 200-250 people, Cuomo said.

Our planning will track where the cases are. Wherever you have a cluster of cases, that’s where you will add capacity,” Cuomo said. “Wherever we see these clusters pop up.”

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The USNS Comfort hospital ship, with 1,000 beds in it, is being dispatched to New York, Cuomo announced.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he has spoken directly with Cuomo about how Department of Defense assets like the Comfort and Army Corps of Engineers might be used in the state.

Discussing the need for federal assistance, Cuomo again cautioned “the state can not do this on its own. We don’t have the capacity. We don’t have the workforce.”

Cuomo also issued an executive order saying no business can have more than 50% of their workforce report to work outside of their home, except for essential services.

A master list of what the state considers “essential services” is being prepared, the governor says.

Each new restriction is a test, the governor says, and they made need to be even stricter.

“All workforce 50% except essential services, we’ll see if that slows the spread. If it doesn’t slow the spread, then we will reduce the number of workers even further,” Cuomo said.